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A teacher takes responsibility for your growth.
A Guru makes you responsible for your growth.

A teacher gives you things you do not have and require.
A Guru takes away things you have and do not require.

A teacher answers your questions.
A Guru questions your answers.

A teacher helps you get out of the maze.
A Guru destroys the maze.

A teacher requires obedience and discipline from the pupil.
A Guru requires trust and humility from the pupil.

A teacher clothes you and prepares you for the outer journey.
A Guru strips you naked and prepares you for the inner journey.

A teacher is a guide on the path.
A Guru is a pointer to the way.

A teacher sends you on the road to success.
A Guru sends you on the road to freedom.

A teacher explains the world and its nature to you.
A Guru explains yourself and your nature to you.

A teacher makes you understand how to move about in the world.
A Guru shows you where you stand in relation to the world.

A teacher gives you knowledge and boosts your ego.
A Guru takes away your knowledge and punctures your ego.

A teacher instructs you.
A Guru constructs you.

A teacher sharpens your mind.
A Guru opens your mind.

A teacher shows you the way to prosperity.
A Guru shows you the way to posterity.

A teacher reaches your mind.
A Guru touches your spirit.

A teacher gives you knowledge.
A Guru makes you wise.

A teacher gives you maturity.
A Guru returns you to innocence.

A teacher instructs you on how to solve problems.
A Guru shows you how to resolve issues.

A teacher is a systematic thinker.
A Guru is a lateral thinker.

A teacher will punish you with a stick.
A Guru will punish you with compassion.

A teacher is to pupil what a father is to son.
A Guru is to pupil what mother is to her child.

One can always find a teacher.
But a Guru has to find and accept you.

A teacher leads you by the hand.
A Guru leads you by example.

When a teacher finishes with you, you celebrate.
When a Guru finishes with you, life celebrates.

When the course is over you are thankful to the teacher.
When the discourse is over you are grateful to the Guru.

Let us honor both, the teachers and the Guru in our life.

~ Adapted from an article originally written by Avalok (Bangalore)










A professional teaching qualification does not make you a professional, in the true sense of the word. Belonging to a particular profession does not automatically guarantee that the service you provide is a professional one. Hence, teaching as a professional is a hard thing to do because it encompasses many roles to be done well.


Inspire the trust of your students and parents. Create a good first impression from day one of the academic year.



Dress like a professional. It is important for teachers to dress in clean clothes with no stains or odor whether they teach in the lab, in the library, or in the classroom. Teachers should arrive at work, looking the part, not dressed looking like their students. 



Always be on time for work. A professional teacher understands the need to start the day well, every day. Truly professional teachers will make sure that they arrive at least ten minutes before the first bell rings, so as to prepare themselves mentally for the day ahead.



Be prepared. Check your diary the night before and plan the day ahead. Professional teachers plan thoroughly too for every lesson and class. They stick to their work program and assessment schedule, to ensure that not only syllabus content is covered, but also the necessary skills for their students' longer-term success in their specific subject or learning area.



Follow procedures and the protocol expected at your institution. Professionals embrace the corporate identity and values and model these for the children they teach.



Take charge of your classroom. Manage your students' behavior. A professional teacher will not keep running to higher authorities for assistance with classroom discipline.



Never miss a deadline. Professionals keep their work up to date and plan ahead. Amateurs leave work until the last minute.



Treat your colleagues and supervisors with respect. Model respect for authority for your students and gaining their respect will be much easier for you.



Simplify your lessons: Good teachers make it easy to understand complicated things. Use examples, models and colored pictures and Photographs. Teach in illustrations that your students can relate to.



Embrace change. A professional teacher will not be a doomsayer and throw cold water on new ideas or suggestions for positive change. A professional will not vocalize negative thoughts like "That will never work at this school."



Take an interest in every child. The better you get to know your students, the more influence you will have on their attitude towards your subject and on their lives in general. Remember the adage: "Teachers touch eternity; they never know where their influence may end."



Treat your students with respect.  Never publicly humiliate or belittle your students. Do not discuss their results or grades in front of other students. Don't personalize issues with students. Leave their family, background, religion, behavior, and personal circumstances out of public disciplinary processes and discussions.



Be a mentor not a friend. Model responsible adult values, exhibit self-control, choose your words carefully and consider the impact they may have on a particular student or group of students.



Maintain confidentiality. A professional teacher will use students' personal information to assist in helping a child to reach his or her potential. Confidential information will not be disclosed over tea during recess, or used as a weapon against a student.



Consult parents. Try to include parents in the educational process and encourage their support of the school's disciplinary processes and procedures. Be polite and calm when dealing with parents. Keep reminding them that every discussion about the child needs to be undertaken with the child's best interests at heart.



Support your colleagues and school management. Put the needs of the institution above your own. Remember you are one person in a group of professionals who share a common goal and vision.



Let excellence be your aim. Constantly provide benchmarks for improvement for your students. Give praise when it is due. Find creative ways to assist them to improve their grades.



Behave professionally in public. Always support your school if negative people are bad-mouthing the institution.



Constantly seek new subject knowledge and share this with your students. Take short courses to keep yourself mentally stimulated. Your renewed enthusiasm for your subject will be rewarded by increased student interest and enthusiasm for the subject itself.



Keep your students’ attention. Teach your students why the knowledge you convey is important and how they can apply in their daily lives.



The teaching profession is the building block for all other professions. A teacher must pay attention when building the self esteem of each and every student, while transferring the knowledge and experience to the students.

Be an example to the student next to their parents. 

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