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 Idea sent by Bulbul Prakash  our faculty from Trivandrum











  •  The Bill will replace the existing Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995
  • The New Act will bring our law in line with the United National Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), to which India is a signatory.
  •  The types of disabilities have been increased from existing 7 to 21 and the Central Government will have the power to add more types of disabilities.
  • Individuals with at least 40% of a disability are entitled to reservations in education and employment and preference in government schemes
  •  Every child with benchmark disability(40% of disabilities) between the age group of 6 and 18 years shall have the right to free education.
  •  District level committees will be constituted by the State Governments to address local concerns of  persons with disabilities
  •  Special Courts will be designated in each district to handle cases concerning violation of rights of persons with disabilities
  • Creation of National and State Fund will be created to provide financial support to the persons with disabilities.
  •  District courts may bestow upon two types of guardianship: limited guardian (who has to take joint decisions with mentally ill person) and plenary guardian (who can take decisions on behalf of mentally ill person, without consulting them).
  • The Bill provides for penalties for offences committed against persons with disabilities.


 Idea sent by SUMESH S  our faculty from Trivandrum ( Parassala)




The word "Punjab" is made up of two Persian words 'Panj' and 'Aab'. Panj means five and Aab means water.

The state of Punjab called the land of five rivers (Indus, Ravi, Beas, Sutlej and Gagger) has got an integrated culture with an interesting history adding the fancy of the tourists coming here.

It is the land of great Gurus and prides itself with monuments of ancient times and historical embodiment.

Punjab produces 1% of the world's rice, 2% of its wheat, and 2% of its cotton.

Sons of Punjab have also contributed to the glorious Indian Army for generations.

The foundation of the holiest Sikh shrine was amazingly laid down by a Muslim sage called Mian Mir, though its construction was started by Guru Ram Das in 1588 and completed by another Sikh Guru, Guru Arjun Dev.


The Golden Temple has been a monument of worldwide fame on account of organizing the largest langar sewa in the world, where more than 35000 people are fed on a daily basis


There were total of 41 foreigners who served in the court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh(1780-1839) and built an empire which had highest GDP in the world and most scholars, intellectuals,  surpassing the Europeans.

In Punjab, Washing Machines sell a lot.
Especially in summer. You know why?
People there buy the machines – not to wash clothes.

But, to make ‘lassi’ out of yoghurt! 

Can’t believe? Watch this video:


People in our villages are surprisingly creative.
They buy ‘Hair color’ in bulk. 

Not to dye their hair.

But to add ‘sheen’ to buffaloes before they sell them in the market.

They buy ‘Calcium tablets’ in cartons.

Not to strengthen their bones.

But, to feed their chicken to get better eggs.







Idea sent by VISHNU B  our faculty from ERNAKULAM



Recently a study report confirmed that there is a land part under the island nation of Mauritius under the Indian Ocean.
The part is suspected to be a part of giant continent Gondwanaland, which broke apart from the Indian subcontinent, probably 200 million years ago. Gradually the separated part of continent sunk beneath the ocean.

How the evidences traced?

Mauritius is a young island formed roughly 8 million years ago. But the deposit of zircon in the island raised curiosity of the researchers. Uranium-lead dating experiments confirmed the deposits are of age older than that of the island. Along with unusual increased gravity in the region was also one of the factors which led to the study.

Another interesting story.

The report shed light into another such lost land story which is believed to be a part of Tamil culture, that is, Kumarikandam. The land mass Kumari Kandam refers to a mythological lost continent with an ancient Tamil civilisation. Now identified as Lemuria or Gondwanaland, the region extended from Kanyakumari (the southernmost tip of modern India) in the North to the far west as Madagascar, nearing the East Coast of Australia, has been submerged in the Indian Ocean.

The literature and the lost land

The Sangam literature texts like Tholkappium mentions the land lost to sea. In Sillapathikaram, it was mentioned that one “Ezhuthanga Nadu” (7x7 =49 countries) existed. So, Southern Tamil Nadu and Kumari Kandam are different regions. Those who have moved to Southern Tamil Nadu were called Pandiyas and they spread over Ceylon and Tirunelvelli.
Tamil literatures say that during the Kurukshethra war, Chera Kings had given food to both the armies.
Because of a calamity, which took place in 9,000 BC, a terrific destruction occurred and destroyed Chera, Chola and Pandiya Kingdoms and they all then came and settled in South India. The great scholar Sri Avvai Duraisamy Pillai has established that the “Pancha Dravidam” is the region consisting Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The speculation about the existence of a larger continent in the Indian Ocean, surfaced when English geologist Philip Sclater found the presence of lemur fossils in Madagascar and India but not in Africa and the Middle East.


Idea sent by BULBUL our faculty from Trivandrum 



The project would start with afforestation, reforestation, and conservation of the existing flora and fauna, followed by other methods to ensure sustainable development over the next three years.

Carbon neutrality refers to achieving net zero carbon footprints by removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to the amount released into it.

. Afforestation – Establishing forest in an area of no tree cover

. Reforestation – Re establishment of forest cover either naturally or artificially

. Sustainable development – Economic development without depleting natural   resources

About Majuli district:

• Situated on the Brahmaputra River, the district is the world’s largest river island and India's first Island district.  

• It is inhabited mostly by the members of Mishing tribe, who migrated from Arunachal Pradesh to the region centuries back. 


Idea sent by SUMESH S  our faculty from Trivandrum (Parassala)



 Honeybees’ behavioural patterns have proved to be notoriously difficult to study and there are many unique qualities to their group behaviour, such as swarming and decision making. A recent study by Nicole S. Carver and Damian Kelty-Stephen, of Grinnell College, USA, to be published in Physical Review E, has analysed the highly co-ordinatedbehaviour in honeybees (Apismellifera), interpreting their communication pattern as an informational cascade process.

Swarming behaviour in honeybees is unique and interesting because it is a flexible and distributed decision-making process. For example, when a group of bees decide to abandon their old hive, a set of scouts go out and forage for information on viable sites for a new hive. They return and communicate their information on likely places by a waggle dance. The rest of the bees, without apparent social pressures to conform, independently vote by a waggle dance of their own. Once a minimum number of positive votes (a quorum) is reached the bees make the decision to swarm without waiting for a unanimous endorsement.

Information sharing

The present study interprets information sharing behaviour in bees as a multifractal information cascade. “A cascade is any sort of hierarchical structure in which different parts behave not just in response to small local events in their immediate surrounding but also in response to larger scale events and changes,” says DrKelty-Stephen in an email.

Such cascades have been found in human interactions as well. Going by this, a similar analysis could be applied to human social networks, too. For instance, a person responds to a particular Facebook post not just because of that post but because of the larger set of posts across the entire newsfeed. Every person in a network might respond or interact with others differently because of the social or regional groups they belong to. “In short, social interactions are never just person-to-person, but instead, every agent interacting with another might bring her or his wider set of group memberships along into this interpersonal mixture,” he says.


Idea sent by ASWATHY BABU  our faculty from Trivandrum 


VIAS CIVIL SERVICE ACADEMY is now a registered company, which can use the Trade Mark ℠ (super script SM)

What is the Service mark (SM)?

service mark is a trademark used in many countries to identify a service rather than a product.  When a service mark is federally registered, the standard registration symbol ®  (the same symbol is used to mark registered trademarks). Before it is registered, it is common practice (with some legal standing) to use the service mark symbol ℠ (a superscript SM).

A service mark differs from a trademark in that the mark is used on the advertising of the service rather than on the packaging or delivery of the service, since there is generally no "package" to place the mark on, which is the practice for trademarks. For example, a private carrier can paint its service mark on its vehicles, such as on planes or buses. If the service deals with communications, it is possible to use a service mark consisting of a sound (a sound trademark) in the process of delivering the service. This has been done in the case of AT&T ("American Telephone & Telegraph"), which uses a tone sound followed by a woman speaking the company's name to identify its long distance service; MGM, which uses the sound of a lion's roar; and RKO  (Radio-Keith-Orpheum) Pictures, which uses a Morse code signal for their motion pictures.

The famous Trade Mark MGM lions

The classic lion trademark was created in 1916 for the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation by ad executive Howard Dietz.

Dietz said he decided to use a lion as the company’s mascot as a tribute to his alma mater, Columbia University, whose athletic team nickname is The Lions.

In 1924, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) was founded when American business magnate Marcus Loew gained control of Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Pictures Corporation and Louis B. Mayer Pictures.

The first lion, called Slats, was used for the original Goldwyn Pictures design and for the first MGM version. He didn’t actually roar, preferring to people watch.


The lion gave an audible roar on July 31, 1928 for the debut of the movie White Shadows in the South SeasThe roar was heard via a gramophone record because the movie was silent

Jackie’s roar was recorded for use at the beginning of MGM talking movies. A sound stage was built around his cage to make the recording

In addition to appearing in the MGM logo, Jackie appeared in more than one hundred films (all black and white films from 1928-1956, including the Tarzan movies.

Coffee was one of two lions that were used for two-strip Technicolor test logos on early MGM colour productions.

MGM began producing full three-strip Technicolor films in 1934, and used Tanner for all Technicolor films from 1934-1956.

The sixth lion, officially named George, was introduced in 1956.

Leo, the seventh lion, is MGM’s longest-lived, having appeared on most MGM films since 1957. He was also the youngest of all the lions at the time MGM filmed his roar (hence the smaller mane).

In 1965, in attempt to update its image, MGM recruited Lippincott to create a more contemporary logo. The result was known as “The Stylized Lion,” and it appeared at the front of three films in the 1960s: Grand Prix (1966), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), and The Subject Was Roses (1968).

In 1985, Disney and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer entered into a licensing contract that gave Disney worldwide rights to use the MGM name and logo for what would become Disney-MGM Studios, which included working production facilities for movies and television shows and a satellite animation studio


Famous speech made by Dr.Shashi Tharoor at Oxford University



Idea sent by Sumesh S  our faculty from Trivandrum (Parassala)





GI status is an indication that identifies goods as produced from a particular area, which has

Special quality or reputation attributable to its geographical origin. 272 products registered as geographical indication so far.

GI registration confers:

  • Legal protection to the products.
  • Prevents unauthorised use of a GItag by others.
  • Help consumers get quality products of desired traits.
  • Promotes economic prosperity of producers of goods by enhancing demand in national

and international markets.

  • It is used for agricultural, natural and manufactured goods.

India’s Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration & Protection) Act 1999, has come into force with effect from September 15, 2003. 

Under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, geographical indications are covered as an element of intellectual property rights (IPRs).

They are also covered under the WTO’s Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement.

Famous examples-Basmati rice, Darjeeling Tea, Chanderi Fabric, Mysore Silk, Kullu Shawl, KangraTea, Thanjavur Paintings, Allahabad Surkha, Farrukhabad Prints, LucknowZardozi, Kashmir Walnut Wood Carving etc.

Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property

  • Signed in Paris in 1883, it is one of the first intellectual property treaties.
  • The Convention has 176 contracting member countries, which makes it one of the most

widely adopted treaties worldwide.                                    

  • The Paris Convention is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization

(WIPO), based in Geneva, Switzerland.


Idea sent by Sumesh S  our faculty from Trivandrum (Parassala)


Famous inspiring speech by Apple CEO Steve Jobs 



 The inaugural ceremony of "Make in India". showcasing diversity of India and Cultural hegemony that we possess 






Idea sent by Rahul Ramanujan our faculty from Pathanamthitta



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