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VIAS in partnership with Samkalp New Delhi

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Why should I join VIAS?

VIAS Civil service academy functions in association with Samkalp New Delhi, the Numero Uno in civil services coaching since its inception in 1986. Samkalp is the den of aspirants who are seriously looking towards a career in civil services. The syllabus, curriculum, lessons and modules of VIAS are prepared with the approval of veterans of Samkalp. Moreover senior and experienced faculty team from Delhi would visit our centres here and give necessary guidance and advice to our students. Thus an admission at VIAS is your passport to the prestigious Indian Civil Services.


What are the advantages of joining this course?

The three stage selection process to the Indian civil services is very tedious and lasts for almost a year. The preliminary test named CSAT tests ones general aptitude awareness and intelligence. The mains paper checks the candidate’s in depth knowledge in the opted subject and the final stage, which is the toughest, tests ones personality traits, integrity and the real worth of the candidate for the most glorious of appointments. Hence focused preparations have to start well in advance and no stone should be left unturned in the path to success. A candidate who goes through the rigorous preparation stage and completes the stringent coaching successfully would be well equipped to face any type of competitive examinations in the country and abroad with confidence and come out with flying colours. Moreover even if one is not able to get in to the A grade civil services, there is every chance to get in to the lower levels like the B grade and state level services.  Thereafter it is possible to get back to the main stream through successive tests and examinations.

The civil service orientation course offered by VIAS is a strong and bold step towards empowering and molding our youth such that they grow up with courage, confidence and ability to guide and lead the world from the front toward a better tomorrow. We visualize the tricolor of our Bharat matha flying higher than ever before over the world and the  chanting of Vande Matharam and Bharat Matha Ki Jai echoing ever again from all nooks and corners of the new world. Opportunities are in plenty if we prepare our children to be employable and remain competitive by continuously upgrading and updating. By joining us in the school days itself the children are sure to have a companion, a guide, a mentor and a motivator moving along with them, providing the much needed self confidence, guidance and motivation at every step and at every stage of their growth till they eventually reach their ultimate goal.

Various levels of programmes offered by VIAS for different age groups

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