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VIAS in partnership with Samkalp New Delhi

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Freedom By Learning


The conventional method of teaching and learning followed in present days are heavily dependent on class room instructions using black boards, chalks, text books, note books, pen, pencil, home works, test papers, board examinations based on a prescribed syllabus etc. The ancient Bharatheeya culture of Gurukulams never had all these. Children used to live with the Guru in his home as his own family members for years together. Such Gurukulams provided facilities for the students to learn everything they need in life from the Grumukham and then by actually practicing what they have learnt. The guru used to be a vast ocean of knowledge from where each student could cull out what is needed for him depending on his personal ability and nature. Learning in those days had no boundaries and limits. We at VIAS wish to make our students experience the freedom and pleasure of learning trough a unique methodology designed and developed by our own experts. Hence our classes would not have the conventional tools.



The Arsha Bharatha Culture believed that knowledge is the real identity of a person, which marks him different from others. Our Rishis and Munis taught us that Air, Water and Sunlight are God’s gifts to the mother earth and everyone living on this earth has equal right to share and enjoy these gifts. We at VIAS believe that quality education is the birth right of each Indian. Every citizen of the country, irrespective of being rich or poor, should have access to the immense treasure of knowledge. The variety and depth of knowledge a person possesses and practices should be the only yardstick to measure his personality. We visualize a new India which understands and upholds this view.



“Learning through doing” is what we imprint. VIAS is of the opinion that a child learns better and faster if he is able to do it by experiencing and practicing. Hence we dare to deviate from the conventional methods of teaching. We facilitate learning through doing. Our faculty members are specially trained to practice and implement this unconventional style. Our aim is to make each session a celebration, a different one every time. We achieve this goal through student participation and interactive learning. Thus the students learn without actually knowing that they are being taught. Our students enjoy every session and carry home a different message.

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